Get More Support

Service and support is what sets GatewayDMS apart from the pack.

Having industry experience & exposure and being fully trained in all aspects of your technology, we can guarantee you the sort of ‘one step’ support we ourselves would expect if we were the customer.

Whenever you call for assistance, you won’t be passed from pillar to post. Instead you’ll deal with the same people every time, a dedicated team who know that your time is valuable and who’ll do everything humanly possible to rectify the problem post haste.

In fact, sometimes you won’t even have to call us…we’ll already be on it. Through our practical and proactive support tools, we’ll know first hand when situation arises. “Proactive Support” lets us confirm and resolve issues before they become dramas, quite often before you even realise there’s a problem – the epitome of great customer service.

Exceeding your expectations

GatewayDMS want to do more than sell you a software solution, albeit the best on the market. We want to be an invaluable part of your team, not just a supplier. To this end, we will constantly be looking for new ways to improve/enhance your operational procedures and make your business more profitable. At GatewayDMS, honesty and transparency are not mere buzzwords, they are an indelible part of our philosophy and the key to always exceeding your expectations.