• Real-time parts trading including selling, receipting and managing Parts Inventory.
  • Detailed Parts pricing schedule available for all sites.
  • Suggested stock ordering based on:
    • movement or seasonal demand.
    • minimum or maximum parts levels.
    • phase in and phase out parameters.
  • Internal multi-branch controls including easy stock transfers between branches.
  • Comprehensive back-order controls for sales or inventory for both parts and service departments.
  • Integrated Bar-coding of Parts, Stocktake Counts and Point of Sale.
  • Real time Dashboards displaying, Sales & Gross Profit Mtd/Ytd, Aged Stock Analysis, Parts on Open R/Orders & many more.

All of the above together with integration tools between the dealer’s manufacture and suppliers, easy stock take functions including the ability to create rolling stock-takes and EPC integration plus many, many more…….