Introducing Voyager

A DMS that puts you in the driving seat.

Regardless of the size or type of dealership you’re running, we’ve designed Voyager to provide clarity and simplicity so you can see where you are at a glance or take a deep dive into specific areas to interrogate data as needed. Its modular design provides a high level of flexibility so you can set Voyager up to suit how you work, saving you time and effort.

Whatever your role, we’ve got you covered . . .

Make meaningful decisions with real-time information.

Voyager streamlines all your dealership operations for a hassle-free experience. Its accounting package offers real-time GL enquiry transactions with easy navigation from source documents to complete drill-down access. With a Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and P&L reporting at your fingertips, you gain complete control.

Voyager’s easy-to-use Creditor, Debtor, and Banking controls unlock a world of productivity. No more outsourcing or extra charges, as Voyager boasts a fully integrated Payroll solution, ensuring all your payroll needs are met in-house.

Our user-friendly BAS function enables effortless enquiring, reviewing, and accessing all BAS transactions directly from the BAS screen, including historical BAS submissions. Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome efficiency with Voyager.

Key advantages:

Ability to interrogate complex information quickly and easily
Simple to use and easy to learn
complex processes
Complete solution – no outsourcing or extra costs
Modular – use what you need to suit you
Australian-owned and locally supported

Have greater control with customisable functions.

Voyager is the ultimate solution for streamlining your entire sales process. With its customisable functions, Voyager offers a seamless and integrated way to generate contracts, and effectively manage costs – driving profitability.

Experience direct invoicing to General Ledger, advanced stock control, and automated production of service, accessory and pre-delivery work, which will provide transparency and introduce greater control. Designed for the busy sales team, Voyager simplifies workflows, allowing you more time to service prospects and close deals.

Key advantages:

CRM - Prospecting, Service Surveys, Follow Up & Marketing
Dashboards for all aspects of your business
Complete sales, quotes, contracts and invoices with attachments
stocktake app
Drill down capabilities across the whole system
Full integration with manufacturers

Simplify operations with an advanced system.

Voyager revolutionises dealership administration by providing an advanced accounting system that ensures real-time updates and complete visibility of departmental invoices. With its comprehensive features range of features, Voyager can provide information for company, franchise, and inter-departmental transactions.

Voyager is the key resource for simplifying dealership operations by effectively managing and analysing data, streamlining administrative tasks and providing crucial insights into key performance areas, removing inefficiencies and transforming the way dealership admin is handled.

Key advantages:

Complete sales, quotes, contracts and invoices with attachments
Dashboards for all aspects of your business
Automated work order from sales to service
lifetime history
Stock barcodes
Financial Reporting System (DOC)

Book, schedule and monitor jobs with ultimate efficiency.

Voyager is the ultimate solution for service department efficiency. With its comprehensive features and advanced functionality, Voyager provides seamless visibility into job status and simplifies workshop control and monitoring like you have never experienced. From booking and scheduling to work identification, Voyager manages the entire process, ensuring an efficient workflow.

The system provides full costing and processing to the General Ledger, guaranteeing complete transparency and accurate financial management. Voyager will reduce complexity and streamline your service department operations.

Key advantages:

Infomedia super service integration
Ability to check-in, sign and take images
Technician tracking at the dealership or in the field.
Voice to text
technician notes
Oil dispensing
Geolocation feature for clocking in and out

A DMS that does what you need, and more

Flexible & Powerful

Customisable to suit your business needs

Voyager’s modular architecture is fully customizable and suitable for use whatever the size or type of your business – no Dealer Management Solution is more flexible.

You can

One-step Support

Service you can rely on

Service is not a luxury add-on with GatewayDMS. It’s at the core of who we are and what we do. We’re a people-oriented company, and we work with our clients to solve their problems, so if you have a questions or need a resolution to a problem fast, you’ll find us accessible and dependable.

Stay in Control

Get an instant overview of your business

Knowledge is power and Voyager will empower you with a wealth of will empower you with a wealth of information covering everything from full BAS reporting (with drill down capability to original source document) to detailed GP enquiries per vehicle, and literally everything in between.

It also gives you complete control over the way this information flows throughout your business, with every process fully integrated and designed to make your life simpler, easier and more importantly – deliver efficiencies and cost savings.

Keeping you Safe

Your data safety is our priority

The safety and security of your data is our utmost priority. GatewayDMS does not host its software on the cloud, so your information remains confidential and fully protected from any possible cyber threats. Our localised approach lets us take complete control over the security measures implemented, allowing us to fortify our system and keep your dealership’s sensitive data safe and secure.

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